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Three artist from Larkspur 2015

Justin Donaldson, John Pelosi, and Patsy Skinner

speed portraits in oil by Justin Donaldson

Although the offer of a speed portrait in oil peaked my art marketing interest, I was thoroughly enamored with the light Justin captures in his landscapes.

 Donaldsoncanoe 3

wood turnings with pottery souls by John Pelosi

Pelosi_smI have always loved turned and carved wood, reminiscent of my maternal grandfather’s cabinetry and the wood carvings of Norway – my heritage. I purchased that sweet lidded walnut box to sit on my dresser beside one made by my grandfather.

fabric and paper collages by Patsy Skinner….


The name of the piece is “Life Cycle”. It is a collage with lots of texture
gels. story of death taken vertically in comparison to my horizontal > squared circle 3D depiction

more chickens!! – whimsical, happy, unusual


Patsy paints what she feels.
“Mostly happy paintings.
I  have been doing Roosters for a couple of years.
They come from my imagination.”



(p.s. I collect roosters)





and a ginko for Emmagnute for emma

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20th Anniversary Larkspur Party


The Larkspur Party in Raleigh (normally the first weekend in June) is always a treat. I stopped by a couple of weeks prior to the show to chat with Frances Alvariño Norwood, the founder, and her daughter Holly Alvariño Donaldson about the garden and the art show. Lovely people – hope to see them again soon!

Happy two of my sisters were with me for the garden party! Brava! Loved the shuttle – highly recommend it! If you happened to have visited this year’s party and want to share your thoughts on the art / artists, please reply to this post or leave a comment, below.

GardenSpiritsI have just begun writing up my post of the party and a handful of artists that graciously allowed me to photograph their art and ask questions.Thank you again for sharing with me Justin Donaldson, John Pelosi, and Patsy Skinner. If I should ever have a garden, I have my eye on a Frances “Fish Wife” to share some space with my other garden spirits.

I enjoyed a brief chat with Lisa Oakley about her glass jewelry, ordered a custom ring from Betty McKim and stopped by to introduce my my sisters to Susan Dahlin (one of my early blog post interviews– LOVE MY ROOSTER PILLOW!!). I also reintroduced myself to Tim Turner, a potter whom I included in a report on ash glazes while I was studying for my AS in Professional Arts & Crafts in Clay and Metal  Sculpture* at CCCC, .

In the next few days I will be tying up the post on these  Enjoy this brief writeup on Three Larkspur Artists and share some of their work and insights with you. Ya’ll come back now!

sig inits - Copy



*now called Associates in Fine Arts