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Kinetic* – Personal-sized captivators

*alternate title: “Insights” – Vietta’s seeing everything in everything; Horty’s “seeing beauty in the faded, cracked, rusted surfaces transformed by the relentless power of time and elements” in her photography.

Notes from my Artist Studios of Fearrington Village preview tour…


Vietta Maher

playful things, kinetic sculptures (fish, movement, ballerinas)

[#3 on the ASFV studio tour map]


(c) Vietta Maher

     Vietta’s studio is a fairyland – playful and entertainingly adorned with spinning ballerinas, acrobats, and articulated fish. The playfulness she creates in her work is infectious – one cannot help to almost giggle at these sculptures. This is not to say she is not a serious artist, but like many now (in retirement) chooses play.

    She is not so much a seeker of materials/subject matter, but recognizes these opportunities in and around the studio – a shadow, the shape of a leaf, and uses them both representing itself and becoming an ‘ah-ha!’ portion of another piece. I enjoyed very much listening to her describe having come upon a smooth, variegated stone in the surface of which she could ‘see’ the whole world in the striation.

    Both Vietta’s ballerinas and circus people attracted me as I am very fond of marionettes and puppets and in these I recognized Vietta’s use of the mind’s need to make non-whole objects, whole. Many of the figurative pieces have parts separate from the whole or even duplicate. A playful interaction given a home.



Horty Jacobs

Enchanting necklaces to appeal to every taste: chic,
elegant, bold, whimsical, extravagant (fishing lures and inherent but personal kinetics)

[#13 on the ASFV studio tour map]

     Just like it says on the tin! In the short time I visited with Horty, I experienced elegance, boldness, whimsy –but only the most chic of extravagance.

(c) Horty Jacobs

(c) Horty Jacobs

     I felt a personal connection to her jewelry as I create beaded necklaces (though, much more sedate than Horty’s) and -there’s those fish again!  Her studio is brimming with such volume and array of artwork – from the “Jazzy Balls” to the alluring earrings (earrings made of fishing lures much like I wore in my high school days) –  it was difficult to focus on just one piece to highlight here until beginning this post.

I chose this necklace to highlight here for the reason it is comprised of a few objects I don’t recall seeing in jewelry before: WINGNUTS and SAFETY PINS!  I also love the way Horty re-purposes bits and chunks of old jewelry to create neat focus points for her necklaces.

     In Horty’s “prior life” she was a professional photographer and has taken some arresting photos of old rusted cars.  Of the photos, Horty remarks: “My photos are unnamed allowing the viewer to tell their own story of what has been captured on film.”  Many seem to have faces or reminiscences of other objects. Any color + rust is good in my eye!




Artist Studios of Fearrington Village Studio Tour 2015
Look for my next installment highlighting the final two artists from the
Artists Studios of Fearrington Village preview tour: Vidabeth Bensen and Murry Handler.