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It’s only words, and words are [not] all there is to take your heart away

Circling back to the new North Hills where I showed my high school artwork; seeking new artists and new works like those of Jeanne Bessette, an inspiring artist from up north who has now perched at the ArtSource Fine Art Gallery (-though she travels and shows throughout the country) as introduced to me by Sarah Heinsohn, Artist Liaison. Sarah says of Jeanne Bessette: “I honestly feel like her success is attributable to the way that she puts all of herself not only into her work, but also into the relationships that she forms with people.”

When I solicited work for this blog from Jeanne she came through with four of her newest works – so new only one had a decided title yet – as well as a bit of her new germinating artist statement – I can say no more!

Four new works from Jeanne Bessette

Four new works from Jeanne Bessette

“If you had to put my work in a bucket and say…what is her style. I’d say contemporary abstract but my work tends to reach another place in that people tell me they are moved on an emotional, even spiritual level by my work. Not in a religious way but in a human way.

This makes me happy as I’m all about connection with others. It’s why I paint what i do. It’s the only way I can think of to put the “us” out there so we can see ourselves more clearly… It’s also my way of reconciling my own feelings about life. I paint our raw emotions in my abstracts, the funny side of what we believe about ourselves in my quirky pieces and our esoteric journey in the more serious figures.

So in short, as a part of my newly ( being worked on) artist statement says…

I burrow deep into the spirit and egos of our humanness from our quietest moments to our most outrageous selves ….”

My art teachers revealed to me that incorporating written words on your art attracts and engages your viewer, in very simple terms, because the human brain is hard-wired to communicate. This lesson is exemplified and amplified in and through Jeanne’s work so much so, for me, that I can get lost in thoughts just reading the titles one after the other, reading directly what is written on the canvas, or attempting to decipher meaning in the letters and numbers stenciled on some of her pieces.

Jeanne’s abstracts remind me of the extraordinary effects some potters attain with textures, multiple firings and masterful layering of glazes and lusters -YUM!- and I am easily able to place myself within the moments expressed in her figurative pieces.

I have enjoyed taking in her many works posted throughout the Internet …a full volume of managed art marketing. You will give yourself a great gift if you spend time with her website, blog, Facebook page –not to mention her mixed media work itself! Watch Jeanne in action on YouTube  — And then the video ends with “Click the picture for more fun”, well, I couldn’t help it  – Oh, yeah!


Is it the story you want to tell or the words that fall into a title that guides your artwork, or is it the artwork that guides the story/title for most of your production? Share your process and link to your work by clicking on the “Leave a Reply” links found in the post, or dropping your info in the form on my contact page!